CSBS Administration Division Contacts
Ms. Ghazal Azizzada
Office Assistant
Send emailghazal.azizzada@csbs.org
(202) 2728-5700
Mr. Bikram Chakraborty
Senior Staff Accountant
Send emailbikram.chakraborty@csbs.org
(202) 407-7163
Ms. Nhu Duong
Accounting Manager
Send emailnhu.duong@csbs.org
(202) 728-5730
Ms. Kelly Haire
Senior Vice President, Human Capital and Operations
Send emailkelly.haire@csbs.org
(202) 728-5740
Ms. Saumu Hoza
Staff Accountant
Send emailsaumu.hoza@csbs.org
(202) 296-2840
Ms. Tammy Phan
Director, Human Resources
Send emailtammy.phan@csbs.org
(202) 407-7155
Ms. Andrea Ramirez
Assistant to the President
Send emailandrea.ramirez@csbs.org
(202) 728-5717
Mr. Derek Schultz
Director, Facilities & Office Operations
Send emailderek.schultz@csbs.org
(202) 803-8065
Mr. Frank Whetsell
Send emailfrank.whetsell@csbs.org
(202) 728-5741
Ms. Erica Caron
Executive Assistant & Business Process Manager
Send emailerica.caron@csbs.org
(202) 728-5709
Mr. Serigne Dieng
Senior Staff Accountant
Send emailsdieng@csbs.org
(202) 296-2840
Mr. John Gorman
General Counsel
Send emailbuz.gorman@csbs.org
(202) 728-5726
Mr. Thomas E. Harlow
Executive Vice President of Finance and Administration
Send emailtom.harlow@csbs.org
(202) 728-5707
Ms. Mary Miano
Director, Board Governance & Strategy
Send emailmm@csbs.org
(202) 803-8095
Ms. Kerrie Philipson
Human Resources Manager
Send emailkphilipson@csbs.org
(202) 728-5757
Mr. John Ryan
President & CEO
Send emailjohn.ryan@csbs.org
(202) 728-5724
Ms. Tarcy Thompson
Staff Attorney & Chief Privacy Officer
Send emailtarcy.thompson@csbs.org
(202) 759-9401
CSBS Communications Division Contacts
Ms. Susanna Barnett
Senior Manager, Communications
Send emailsusanna.barnett@csbs.org
(202) 407-7156
Mr. Matt Longacre
Senior Manager, Communications
Send emailmatt.longacre@csbs.org
(202) 803-8091
Mr. James Kurtzke
Vice President, Communications
Send emailjames.kurtzke@csbs.org
(202) 728-5733
Ms. Catherine Pickels
Director of Communications
Send emailCatherine.pickels@csbs.org
(202) 728-5734
State Regulatory Registry Contacts
Mr. Bill Matthews
EVP of CSBS, President of SRR
Send emailbill.matthews@csbs.org
(202) 728-5711
Mr. Joey Samowitz
Executive Assistant
Send emailjoey.samowitz@csbs.org
(202) 559-1978
SRR NMLS Operations Division Contacts
Ms. Courtney Hill
Senior Operations Analyst
Send emailcourtney.hill@csbs.org
(202) 559-1985
Ms. Christen Walker
Operations Specialist
Send emailchristen.walker@csbs.org
(202) 296-2840
Ms. Wanda Bell
Vice President, Learning & Development
Send emailwanda.bell@csbs.org
(202) 559-1983
Mrs. Sharon Hughes
Senior Director, State Relations
Send emailsharon.hughes@csbs.org
(202) 728-5736
Ms. Mindy Chang
Directions, Operations & Finance
Send emailmindy.chang@csbs.org
(202) 407-7129
Mr. Mike Casagrande
Manager, Operations
Send emailmichael.casagrande@csbs.org
(202) 609-7490
Mr. Erik Korner-White
Senior E-Learning Specialist
Send emailerik.korner-white@csbs.org
(202) 407-7159
Ms. Niki Combs
Senior Trainer
Send emailnicole.combs@csbs.org
(202) 808-3559
Ms. Jessica Townsend
Training Specialist
Send emailjessica.townsend@csbs.org
(202) 728-5751
Ms. Justice Spencer
Technical Writing Specialist
Send emailjustice.spencer@csbs.org
Ms. Jennifer Pic
Senior Technical Trainer
Send emailjennifer.pic@csbs.org
(202) 559-1964
Ms. Vickie Peck
Senior Vice President, Operations
Send emailvickie.peck@csbs.org
(202) 728-5743
Mr. David Dwyer
Vice President, Operations and Vendor Management
Send emaildavid.dwyer@csbs.org
(202) 570-6963
Ms. Kathy Hunter
Director, Operations
Send emailkathy.hunter@csbs.org
(202) 728-5754
Mr. Reece Chekan
Director, Learning & Development
Send emailreece.chekan@csbs.org
(202) 558-6091
Mr. Stephen Lantzas
Senior Operations Analyst
Send emailstephen.lantzas@csbs.org
(202) 803-8063
Ms. Shireen Lakhani
Senior Trainer
Send emailshireen.lakhani@csbs.org
(202) 296-2840
Ms. Amber Ramirez
Senior Trainer
Send emailamber.ramirez@csbs.org
(202) 407-7132
Mr. Ian Winston
Technical Writing Specialist
Send emailian.winston@csbs.org
(202) 759-9402
Ms. Hannah Duffy
Learning Management System (LMS) Administrator
Send emailhannah.duffy@csbs.org
(202) 558-6098
SRR Policy & Development Division Contacts
Ms. Janine Bjorn
Senior Director, NMLS Business Services
Send emailjanine.bjorn@csbs.org
(202) 728-5708
Mr. Tim Doyle
Senior Vice President, Policy & Development
Send emailtim.doyle@csbs.org
(202) 728-5728
Mr. Chris Moore
Vice President, Data Services
Send emailchris.moore@csbs.org
(202) 728-5731
Mr. Phil Whims
Senior Manager, NMLS Business Services
Send emailphilip.whims@csbs.org
(202) 558-6099
Ms. Vonnetta Cornish
Senior Manager, NMLS Communications
Send emailvonnetta.cornish@csbs.org
(202) 728-5752
Ms. Shannon Lucernoni
Senior Program Administrator, Business Services
Send emailshannon.lucernoni@csbs.org
(202) 728-5744
Ms. Lisa Tinsley
Director, NMLS Business Services
Send emaillisa.tinsley@csbs.org
(202) 559-1966
Mr. Bill Young
Vice President, NMLS Business Services
Send emailbill.young@csbs.org
Ms. Stephanie Buonomo
Senior Manager, NMLS Business Services
Send emailstephanie.buonomo@csbs.org
(202) 683-7124
Mr. Paul Ferree
Senior Director, Data Analysis
Send emailpaul.ferree@csbs.org
(202) 558-6093
Ms. Jingying Zhang
Manager, Data Analysis
Send emailjingying.zhang@csbs.org
(202) 759-9398
Ms. Elizabeth Rychlinski
Manager, Data Analysis
Send emailElizabeth.Rychlinski@csbs.org
(202) 905-2996
CSBS Professional Development Division Contacts
Mr. Sebastien Monnet
Vice President, Learning & Development
Send emailsebastien.monnet@csbs.org
(202) 549-2017 (c)
Mr. C. Thomas McVey
Director, Learning Services
Send emailtom.mcvey@csbs.org
(304) 549-9584 (c)
Ms. Kim Chancy
Program Manager, Learning Services
Send emailkim.chancy@csbs.org
(202) 802-9554
Ms. Renate Moyer
Senior Administrative Assistant, Professional Development
Send emailrenate.moyer@csbs.org
(202) 802-9556
Mr. Matthew J. Comber
Senior Director, Accreditation
Send emailmatt.comber@csbs.org
(202) 728-5750
Ms. Rosemarie E. Shaheen
Senior Program Manager, Learning & Development
Send emailrosemarie.shaheen@csbs.org
(202) 728-5710
Ms. Katherine E. Hoyle
Senior Program Administrator, Accreditation
Send emailkatherine.hoyle@csbs.org
(202) 808-3556
CSBS Technology Division Contacts
Mr. Tom Bayer
Chief Information Officer
Send emailtom.bayer@csbs.org
(202) 728-5720
Mr. Jeff DeArment
Senior Director, Digital Services
Send emailjeff.dearment@csbs.org
(202) 558-6096
Ms. Chido Murandu
Senior Business Analyst
Send emailchido.murandu@csbs.org
(202) 559-1986
Mr. Ted Staib
Senior Project Manager
Send emailted.staib@csbs.org
(202) 558-6097
Ms. Ngoc Vu
Senior Vice President, Digital Services
Send emailngoc.vu@csbs.org
(202) 559-1962
Mr. Todd K. Scharf, Sr.
Chief Information Security Officer
Send emailtodd.scharf@csbs.org
(202) 802-9558
Ms. Rebecca Lynch
Database Architect
Send emailrebecca.lynch@csbs.org
(202) 803-8086
Mr. Charles E. Hill
IT Security Engineering & Operations Senior Director
Send emailcharles.hill@csbs.org
(202) 802-9549
Mr. Hong Chu
IT Operations Senior Director
Send emailhong.chu@csbs.org
(202) 759-9399
Ms. Erica English
Advanced Project Manager
Send emailerica.english@csbs.org
(202) 559-1944
Ms. Mimi Cuff
Project Manager
Send emailmimi.cuff@csbs.org
(202) 759-9406
Ms. Jessica Ruzic
Senior Information Security Policy & Compliance Specialist
Send emailjessica.ruzic@csbs.org
(202) 759-2985
Mr. Michael Helton
Senior Technical Lead
Send emailmike.helton@csbs.org
(202) 683-7122
Ms. Hetal Patel
Senior Business Analyst
Send emailhetal.patel@csbs.org
(202) 559-1977
Mr. Matthew Metheny
Information Security Risk Manager
Send emailmatthew.metheny@csbs.org
Ms. Jade Silver
Executive Assistant
Send emailjade.silver@csbs.org
(202) 759-9405
Ms. Deneen Curry
Senior Administrative Assistant, Digital Services
Send emaildeneen.curry@csbs.org
(202) 803-8087
Mr. Greg Esposito
Senior Systems Engineer
Send emailgreg.esposito@csbs.org
(202) 296-2840
Mr. Kevin Quinn
Senior Director, Digital Services
Send emailkevin.quinn@csbs.org
Mr. Chad Verbus
Senior Information Security Analyst
Send emailchad.verbus@csbs.org
(202) 759-9397
Mr. Alex Kukin
Vice President, Enterprise Infrastructure
Send emailalex.kukin@csbs.org
(202) 759-9410
Mr. Todd K. Scharf, Sr.
Chief Information Security Officer
Send emailtodd.scharf@csbs.org
(202) 802-9558
Mr. Siddharth Dhir
Senior Director, Software Quality Assurance
Send emailsiddharth.dhir@csbs.org
(202) 803-8085
Mr. Pavel Orlovski
Senior Director, Infrastructure Operations
Send emailpavel.orlovski@csbs.org
(202) 728-5729
Mr. Dayasagar Lakka
Senior Quality Assurance Engineer
Send emaildlakka@csbs.org
(202) 759-9404
Ms. Mahlet Gitim
Project Manager
Send emailmahlet.gitim@csbs.org
(202) 759-9400
Mr. Jeremy Dove
Senior Infrastructure Engineer
Send emailjeremy.dove@csbs.org
(202) 803-8088
Mr. David Rodgers
Senior Manager IT
Send emaildavid.rodgers@csbs.org
(202) 728-5712
Ms. Deepti Swami
Senior Business Analyst
Send emaildeepti.swami@csbs.org
(202) 971-9877
Ms. Lindsay Schmidt
Business Analyst
Send emaillindsay.schmidt@csbs.org
(202) 728-5747
Ms. Balkees Parveen
Business Analyst
Send emailbalkees.parveen@csbs.org
(202) 559-1943
SRR Testing & Education Division Contacts
Mr. Pete Marks
Vice President, Mortgage Testing & Education
Send emailpete.marks@csbs.org
(202) 728-5723
Ms. Jessica Esquina
Senior Manager, Mortgage Education Operations
Send emailjessica.esquina@csbs.org
(202) 728-5739
Ms. Michelle VanderNaalt
Senior Manager, Education Compliance
Send emailmichelle.vandernaalt@csbs.org
(202) 384-4083
Mr. Britton Anderson
Education Management Systems Analyst
Send emailbritton.anderson@csbs.org
(202) 899-3071
Ms. Emily Grant
Senior Administrative Assistant
Send emailemily.grant@csbs.org
(202) 808-3558
Mr. Richard Madison
Senior Director, Mortgage Education Programs
Send emailrich.madison@csbs.org
(202) 728-5737
Ms. Jessica O'Keefe
Senior Manager, Test Development & Maintenance
Send emailjessica.okeefe@csbs.org
(202) 559-1947
Ms. Alana Chamoun
Senior Manager, Security & Test Administration
Send emailalana.chamoun@csbs.org
(202) 728-5755
Ms. Michelle Gallagher
Senior Analyst, Education Operations
Send emailmichelle.gallagher@csbs.org
(202) 559-1949
CSBS Policy and Supervision Division Contacts
Mr. Daniel Berkland
Director, Supervisory Processes
Send emaildberkland@csbs.org
(202) 559-1987
Ms. Tiyenne Greene
Industry Coordinator & Executive Assistant
Send emailtiyenne.greene@csbs.org
(202) 803-8093
Mr. Michael Stevens
Senior Executive Vice President
Send emailmike.stevens@csbs.org
(202) 728-5701
Legislative Section
Ms. Dana Barbieri
Vice President, Legislative Policy
Send emaildana.barbieri@csbs.org
(202) 802-9551
Mr. Sanford Sussman
Senior Director, Associate General Counsel
Send emailsandy.sussman@csbs.org
(202) 407-7160
Mr. Nathan Ross
Director, Legislative Policy
Send emailnathan.ross@csbs.org
(202) 728-5753
Ms. Margaret Liu
Senior Vice President, Legislative & Deputy General Counsel
Send emailmargaret.liu@csbs.org
(202) 728-5749
Ms. Mary Pfaff
Senior Director, Policy & Supervision
Send emailmary.pfaff@csbs.org
(202) 728-5748
Regulatory Section
Ms. Alisha Sears
Analyst, Policy & Supervision
Send emailasears@csbs.org
Mr. Oscar Casas
Senior Director, Policy
Send emailoscar.casas@csbs.org
(202) 559-1951
Mr. Michael Townsley
Policy Counsel
Send emailmtownsley@csbs.org
(202) 728-5738
Mr. James M. Cooper
Senior Vice President, Policy
Send emailjim.cooper@csbs.org
(202) 808-3557
Mr. Daniel Schwartz
Director, Policy Development
Send emaildaniel.schwartz@csbs.org
(202) 728-5742
Bank Supervision Section
Ms. Mary Beth Quist
Senior Vice President - Bank Supervision
Send emailmarybeth.quist@csbs.org
(202) 728-5722
Ms. Jami Flynn
Director, Supervisory Processes
Send emailjami.flynn@csbs.org
(202) 728-5718
Mr. Kyle Thomas
Vice President, Supervision & Accreditation
Send emailkyle.thomas@csbs.org
(202) 407-7131
Mr. Kyle Zhong
Senior Data Analytics Specialist
Send emailkyle.zhong@csbs.org
(202) 296-2840
Non-Bank Supervision Section
Mr. Chuck Cross
Senior Vice President, Consumer Protection & Non-Depository Supervision
Send emailchuck.cross@csbs.org
(202) 728-5745
Mr. Matthew Lambert
Senior Director and Non-Depository Counsel
Send emailmatt.lambert@csbs.org
(202) 407-7130
Mr. Michael Bray
Manager, Non-Depository Supervision
Send emailmichael.bray@csbs.org
(202) 559-1953
Mr. John Prendergast
Vice President, Supervision
Send emailjohn.prendergast@csbs.org
(202) 728-5756
Mr. Tony M. Vasile
Senior Director, Non-Depository Supervision
Send emailtony.vasile@csbs.org
(202) 759-9407
Ms. Melissa Puccinelli
Analyst, Non-Depository Supervision
Send emailmelissa.puccinelli@csbs.org
(202) 559-1979